Fairs and
exhibition spaces

INTEA is the reference point in the field of fittings for fairs, exhibitions, cultural events, exhibitions and conferences.

40 professionals, a portfolio of almost 150 customers and over 40 years of experience in creating exhibition spaces in national and international fairs and events.

This is INTEA: the ideal partner for those who want modern and high impact communication exhibits thanks to which they can present their products in the best way and improve their brand awareness.

From the analysis of the need to the creative study, from the technical design to transport and assembly, the INTEA Team is able to take care of all the phases of the project, guaranteeing innovative designs, excellent technical standards and attention to detail capable of making the difference.

360° services

INTEA is able to take care of all the phases of the project: from the analysis of the need to the creative studio, from technical design to transport, from assembly and finishing to testing and from delivery of the finished product to dismantling.

Some of our projects

Our goal is to create an extraordinary experience for you and your visitors by creating creative projects and exhibition stands that exceed your expectations.

Intea is a service company that operates throughout Europe in the field of exhibition design.

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